Because Jacqueline deals with high profile clients, Presidents and CEOs of major companies from various industries, she understands the importance of confidentiality and discretion when it comes to one’s identity. She acts as a confidante for executive teams, which requires her to have excellent rapport with her clients. In doing so, they trust her completely. See what Jacqueline’s clients have to say about her services.  

"Jacqueline helped me create space in my mind, she taught me how to make use of my own strength and how to continue self-evaluation in order to unlock my full potential."


"Jacqueline taught me to find my own way. She has a great insight and knows who YOU are and gives you the power to understands who YOU are. "



"Jacqueline has a really special energy. She’s helped me move a step forward in my practice by bringing in a more holistic approach. "


"Jacqueline has a special place in her heart for corporate workaholics like I was. She has helped me not take myself so seriously, learn to have fun and learn to be present in the moment...it's taken me a lifetime to get here...and for that I'm truly happy."

Lisa Kelley

Elizabeth - CEO

"Had I not experienced Jacqueline's work first hand, I would not believe the results possible! And on so many levels...My best investment ever!"

Cosmetics Industry

Luiza Formenius

"I'm definitely happier since I did this work. It's like a weight has been lifted!"

Luiza Formenius
Opera Singer

Xavier - CEO

"After only 15 hours of coaching (in French) with Jacqueline, I have become proficient in cross cultural communication and management skills, giving me the confidence to conclude major deals all over Asia. Jacqueline’s coaching is exciting, different and effective and her knowledge, approach and wisdom unparallelled."

Insurance and Banking Industry

Peter Shultz

"Coaching and Mentoring is a critical look at who you are in the way that you are being and have been. It's a critical look of what's keeping you back from what you want to be."

Peter Shultz
Shure Asia

Hayley - Director, Regional HR and Admin

“Jacqueline’s non traditional coaching really works! She taught me to see things from a totally different perspective, which has made my job much more enjoyable and fulfilling; and best of all,6 months after the end of the coaching, I reached another milestone in my career.”

Director, Regional HR and Admin
Broadcasting Industry"

Alfonso martinez-play

"My business has tremendously improved since having several sessions with Jacqueline."

CEO - Live IN Connection
Publishing Industry

Jane Havergal

"Thanks Jacqueline. You have been a tremendous inspiration and good luck with the Oscars!"

Jane Havergal 
Commercial Property Lawyer

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