When working with high profile CEO executives or individuals from all walks of life, Jacqueline Muller is your catalyst for growth and success. Her unique background, multi million dollar successes and unrivaled intuition make Jacqueline the ideal person to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential. She has three main platforms in which she influences her clients…corporate training, speaking and consulting (coaching).

In her corporate training sessions, Jacqueline teaches her clients how to increase success while finding joy in work and personal life. Speaking is another one of Jacqueline’s gifts and she uses these events to help people realize the power of choice and creating a balance between work and life. As a consultant and coach, Jacqueline offers programmes that are both challenging and fun. She has the ability to encourage and develop new ways of thinking for her clients and changes their perspectives in a powerful way.

Coaching and Mentoring

There are two ways in which I work with people.  One way is through coaching.  That could be done on a one on one basis or in a group setting, by going into a company and working with various departments for example.  This is done either face to face or virtually via Skype or other programmes.  Just as effective as face to face physically.  The other way is through my Mentoring Programme (delivered by Skype or other VOIP programme).

They are similar but vastly different.  Here’s how I like to distinguish the two.  If coaching is putting you on track…mentoring is the track.  With coaching the coach teaches.  With mentoring the mentor, me in this instance, guides and the mentee discovers. With my mentoring programmes, I go deep, helping you discover or rediscover who is inside you.  If you want to achieve a certain goal…coaching is for you to begin with.  This is also the option of choice for corporate begin with.  If you want to know who you truly are and be the best you could be…Contact Me Today.


In life, most people stay stagnant…you plateau…life becomes flat.  You get to a certain point where life becomes comfortable.  You’ve climbed the corporate ladder.  You have the house in the suburbs with the white picket fence.  You are content.  You’re bored.  You’re stuck!  One day you wake up, you’re unhappy with how everything turned out.  This was not what you pictured your life would be.  Life has passed you by.  You want to make changes but you think it’s too late.  WRONG!  It’s never too late to create excitement where boredom now exists.  To challenge and question where you are, why you are here and where you want to go?  It’s healthy to want to seek out additional success throughout your life.  There’s a lot that you want to do and accomplish in this life and that’s exactly what my coaching programmes do.  They get people back on track to achieve new and exciting goals that make life worth living again.   Corporate clients may ask me to coach for leadership skills, conflict resolution, intercultural challenges, behavioral issues. 

In my coaching programmes, I don’t focus on assessments…filling out forms and following the familiar pattern of traditional coaching.  I don’t coach my clients in a cerebral, formulaic pattern as most coaches do.  My coaching is non-traditional.  I establish three things at the beginning of my coaching programmes. 

  • Establish goals – what do you want to achieve?
  • Figure out what is bothering you?  Getting to the root cause of what is holding you back.
  • Set an intent (pick a date) of when the goal will be achieved

At the conclusion of the coaching programme you will see that this type of coaching is very effective and most importantly VERY sustainable.  You will not learn it and forget about it.  You will carry this training with you everyday of your life. 

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Through the use of emerging technology, I am able to conduct many of my sessions via Skype.  The old way of thinking that you had to have two people in the same room is completely outdated.  The important part of any session whether it’s done in person or online is to create the energy needed to create transformation.  Energy is energy and it knows no boundaries.  I’ve had sessions over the phone and that works too but I love to use Skype because I’m able to see the other person and they can see me.  We’re able to connect visually.  I’m able to detect how a person is feeling when I see them on camera and that determines in what direction the session will go. 

I have many clients all over the world who love using Skype.  The work and results are the same.  Play the video near this section and see a glimpse of one of my session with Lisa.  She resides in the United States and she went through one of my Mentoring Programmes for the entire year. 



Jacqueline Muller is your catalyst for success. She offers an exceptional style of coaching that uses her sense of intuition and keen listening skills. She uncovers unrecognized blockages you are experiencing and provides you the key to unlock the unlimited possibilities you have but are not using. If you want to find success on the international assignment, improve your cultural competence, resolve conflicts and enhances team spirit look no further than Jacqueline Muller.

Global leadership development and the tools to start living dynamically are a big part of her executive coaching.  The programmes are both challenging and fun. Jacqueline has the ability to encourage and develop new ways of thinking for her clients and changes their perspectives in a powerful way. 

Corporation programmes are tailor made and they include 2 intensive “FAST TRACK ™” programmes:

1.)  FAST TRACK TO FREEDOM ™ - Three months

2.)  FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS ™ - Six Months

Jacqueline Muller also offers mentoring programmes, during which she supports executives understand their management and operation styles.

For more information, please contact…

YES! I Can Help You.

Corporate Training

Staying ahead of the curve, in any business, is the recipe for success. Jacqueline Muller has always been a trailblazer who studied the trends and ran her business accordingly. She understands first hand, the difficulties that many high profile executives encounter because she was one herself. And she ran a successful business and didn’t compromise her health while doing it. She is now sharing those secrets with you. During Jacqueline’s retreats, she teaches you to enhance your efficiency while creating a balance between your personal and professional life.

When you enroll in her corporate training program, individuals will learn to communicate effectively, learn how to create strategic alliances and recognize how to analyze health issues when they arise. You will also learn how to improve your service or product, which in turn, will increase your overall sales and productivity.

All of the corporate trainings are personalized to meet your company’s goal. The corporate executive training and executive corporate retreats can be conducted virtually, in person or a combination of both.

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