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Sacred World Journeys will take you on a quest towards personal discovery! We journey to places with high energy that will assist you to transform into the person you always wanted to be. We take you to exotic places like Nepal, Morocco, Egypt and the South of France. Our journeys take you to places you may have not visited before, meeting extraordinary people along the way, staying in 4 to 5 star hotels and eating some of the best cuisine in the world.

SWJ are not vacation packages because while you are here…you are working and learning. These far off places eliminate the noises that are constantly around us at home and at work. When you are on a SWJ, peace and tranquility, thought and consciousness will engulf your being and make you think about who you really are. It’s a life changing adventure that you will never forget. Your guide on these Journeys is mentor and coach, Jacqueline Muller.

Jacqueline Muller created SWJ 10 years ago partly due to her love of travel and her passion to help people re-discover themselves. While traveling in these countries she realized how powerful these places were in her own self-discovery. That’s when she decided to bring a group of people along to experience what she experienced.

The results have been life changing. People from all walks of life have come on a SWJ and left enhanced and empowered. Figuring out the things that are important in your life is not something that you want to delay. On these journeys, Jacqueline offers personal sessions uniquely tailored to your most pressing concerns.  She asks participants to journal every day to keep track of the progress you are making.

  • What would happen if you had a plain white board?
  • How would you rewrite your story?
  • What would you like to write?

Upcoming Sacred World Journey to Morocco

Desert Lunch Morocco The SWJ to Morocco is eight to ten days because it’s a big country and there are so many places to take people. The energies are very conducive to introspection and change. It’s a colorful and very beautiful place. The people in Morocco are welcoming and the country is considered one of the safest places for tourists. There are some amazing spots in that country where by just sitting there…magic happens.

Jacqueline Muller Brand

The Jacqueline Muller Brand is happy to welcome SWJ into the family. The two have been closely related in the work that is done, though both have remained separate until now.

“It made sense to bring Sacred World Journeys in under that umbrella. People who have done my work on a one-on-one basis enjoy coming on these trips because they can take it a step further. It’s not a prerequisite to have done work with me although it’s good if you have.”

Jacqueline Muller

Many people who have gone on Sacred World Journeys have become clients or were already being coached or mentored by Jacqueline so it was a natural evolution that the two would become one. People find that the journeys are very powerful because when you’re not in your noisy daily situation you can be introspective much more easily.

Corporate Retreats

If you want to bring your management team or employees on a SWJ…we can do that. We can tailor make a Sacred World Journey for corporations with an emphasis on any specific goal. How to increase your bottom line or how best to empower people are a couple of examples. However, there will be a spiritual slant to it, which we call MINDFULNESS. Corporate retreats are much shorter…three to four days. Each one-on-one session, for each participant, is specifically designed to fit the goal that the corporation has for their employees. When a common theme comes up, the exercises and the journey itself, gets shifted so that it is appropriate for whatever the theme of the group happens to be. So be prepared for the agenda to change on any given day. That ability to deal with change is in itself, a part of the discovery.

Why come on a SWJ?

100 Camel


It’s not boot camp, however, in a way…it is. You’ve got to want it! You’ve got to commit 100%; otherwise there is no reason to come. We want to have people who are committed to their own growth be it personal or spiritual. Everybody will get something different depending on how much they put in. The least you can expect is an extraordinary experience making friends for life, visiting wonderful places and enjoying fellowship in a safe environment. This is not a religious retreat, it is a matter of going on a personal inner journey in a new, different place.

SWJ’s are fun and lighthearted though be prepared for things that come up…like emotions, old fears, joys, dislikes, likes…don’t take it too seriously, because it’s never that serious. Each trip is different so everyone is constantly learning and discovering something new about themselves.



“We’re in this together. We’re all learning together even as I am leading it. However, there is someone upstairs that actually guides us all. When we listen, miracles happen. I am amazed with what has happened during Sacred World Journeys over the years. When people who come on a SWJ are committed and willing to go where they haven‘t been before, get our of their comfort zone…shift happens!”

Jacqueline Muller
  • What are you expecting?
  • What would you like to achieve?
  • What are you willing to put in?

What is your commitment?

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