Moving Day

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“Moving...Moving...Moving” the tune from the animated picture Madagascar has been sung and heard a lot around my home lately…although we are in “lockdown”.

How interesting that some people complain or go stir crazy because they are not allowed to go shopping on a whim or see their friends in person or enjoy a night out on the town whilst I am enjoying this slowing down, am enjoying having time….in fact so much so that it is as though time no longer exists!

Yes, during this time of quarantine or self-isolation, of social distancing, I moved house! What a bizarre experience to work along side lots of people who packed and un packed, wearing masks or gloves and/or shoe protectors and doing their best to stay distant. And you know what struck me? There was a lot of laughter resonating throughout the house being packed up and also when we moved in the new place, which quickly became a home (still a work in progress). So yes, we were moving moving moving. And now, as Easter is here, we are happy to be rather isolated, breathing fresh air, BEING, not DOING. It is a wonderful time of peace, harmony, of re-set, going within…and certainly not without!

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Hence, all the people who are asked to stay at home, enjoy it! Look at the opportunities, the changes you can make in your life, the relationships you can build because you have time and technology…you now have time to move closer to YOU, to your inner peace…be thankful to be alive during these amazing “never been here” times of transformation! Here is a short video that may help you with this endeavour!...enjoy!

Stay home, BE home and keep moving



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