Cork tree

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A couple of years ago, while I was still living in Hong Kong, I had no idea what a cork tree looked like. I just knew that the cork in my bottle of wine came from the bark of a tree that grows mainly in Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and especially Portugal. A year and a half ago I moved to Portugal and discovered that, not only are they highly valued and protected, I have one in my garden!

The move to Portugal was a time of profound change and letting go for me, which is never an easy thing. However I always felt very “up”, very energised….and it was then that I discovered the esoteric meaning of cork.

Cork is lightweight, water resistant and floats. It can only be submerged by great force, i.e. you cannot (or with great difficulty) drown it or push it down. Likewise, esoterically/spiritually, it supports…and I certainly felt supported during this difficult transition. The switch to a totally different (lifestyle/social environment/business community/culture) to another that has some very different values was a little scary and exciting at the same time.

When I began to feel overwhelmed by it all, I found myself looking out the window at the cork tree and it instantly became a physical manifestation (or symbol) of the support I get (and that we all get) from our ”guardian angels” or Spirit Guides. I, for one, love spending time with my back to this tree, connecting not only to it, but to nature and the whole world. I travelled far, yet I am…still connected to all that IS.

Here’s a short video of my cork tree and how I connect with it. I encourage you to find a tree and spend some time with it and tell me how it feels to you! It could possibly be your (daily) energy boost?

Have a fun day and bring joy into your life…AND go hug a (cork) tree!

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