Looking Back and Looking Forward

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Wow!  Do you find that this year has just begun and is already ending?  Perhaps our perception of time is changing or we live differently….

For me, this has been a very eventful, even momentous year, full of mega change, at times difficult.  To adjust to a different country, on a different continent with a totally different culture from the last 40 years, was sometimes a challenge – not being familiar with the language, with small things like where to shop for what, how to get the electricity connected or how to come to terms with the burocracy …that was for the physical move.  Then came deeply personal, emotional, spiritual changes where longstanding relationships had to be severed in order to move forward, in order to be free and unencumbered.  It looked like letting people down when it actually was a letting people go, without rancour or judgement and wishing them truly well.  This opened windows and doors previously closed, to a present and future living in Joy and Harmony.

Letting go takes courage, can be difficult and very painful and so rewarding when you arrive at the other end of the process feeling (and being) light and joyful and sharing that vibration.  In other words, living one’s purpose out of choice and in Joy.  Very exciting indeed.  2018 has been a fruitful year in growth on all fronts (we were all given the opportunity and up to us to make our own choices) and 2019 is full of promises of adventure and discovery and unexpected surprises.

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Yes, time has shifted, or indeed have we?  Or is it all a fascinating illusion anyway?

Whatever your experience, I wish you a full/fun-filled, harmonious Holiday Season and yes, look back on 2018 with thankfulness for the lessons learnt, the growth achieved, then have a laugh and know you are exactly where you are meant to be.  May you step into 2019 with a heart filled with positivity, excitement and optimism.


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