Portugal and new opportunities

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JM Celebrates Move

It’s all about change. About flexibility, creativity and trust…

Moving to a new country after 40 years in one place, one has to be able to let go and let God…however nice and helpful the people are, however beautiful the environment…let go and let God and enjoy the process.

This I experienced during the last couple of weeks.  I was “trying to make things happen” to get all my ducks (and docs) in a row in order to clear Customs of my household goods by a certain date that I had in my mind was “the right“ date…(funny that when looking back) and every time I submitted a document, another was required, until in the end I simply accepted that things and systems are different here, and I accepted that I had done whatever I could and now was time to let go and put my trust in Spirit.  In Divine time everything will fall into place, electricity, gas, internet etc…and they did, beautifully so.

I had heard that the electricity company was unreliable, yet they arrived right on time as did the gas etc…my container was parked in front of the house on a sunny Thursday morning (it had been raining till then) and was unloaded in one day; a record.

Simply put: Magic happened.

Empty Boxes

For me it was a great experience in patience, action, trust and letting go of the need to control…yes indeed, everything in Divine time, as Spirit knows best.

And how interesting that just recently we were in a time of the new moon, a new moon of unexpected change and opportunities.

In that spirit, I would like to offer you the opportunity to find out what your Archetypes are, what the blueprint of YOU is, to discover the architecture of your life.  In other words, to understand why you feel the way you do and why you think the way you do and how you can manage you for a great life.

I am offering you this as a thank you for helping me by answering 3 questions which will allow me to serve you better. Click Here for the questions and your free gift.

Looking forward to hearing from you and ate breve as they say here

Complimentary Gift Questionnaire

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