My summer in Portugal

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How has your Summer/Winter (depending on hemisphere) been so far?

Have you had any life changing adventures? Any helpful insights that propel you forward?

I had decided to spend a few months in Portugal with a base in Lisbon. Settling into my new environment was sometimes fun and enjoyable, sometimes a challenge: is there/where is the post office? Where can I buy a microfiber dishcloth, food, a printer, flowers or a birthday card?

Parts of me had a field day, enjoying the exploring – of Lisbon and the country – Porto was beautiful with poor weather, the Algarve was sunny and crowded, best of all was the wild and arid countryside with lots of cork trees and thousand year old olive trees…the simplicity, the “true” and “real” quality of life there was beautiful….and there was hardly any noise…

Parts of me became nervous at the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of parts of the cities, another part of me wanted to “cover up” this unease and dislike and “make it all OK”.

And then, one day, I became aware of what was happening, of how the various aspects of me were leading this dance – I took a deep breath and a step back, meditated, and as I did so I started to see my Archetypes (the various parts of me) at work. This was not only fascinating, also enlightening. Indeed when we listen and see this, life can become much more simple and harmonious, more “quiet” and joy-filled, limitless!

Have you noticed that feeling in you that needs to be the leader in a group or that gift you have that allows you to solve problems in an instant? Those are your archetypes talking. Once you’re able to KNOW them, life’s challenges become an opportunity.

There are 12 Archetypes and we go through life with 4 who characterise our personality, our emotions, our mental or way we think, and our inner self or soul. Would you like to find out which 4 define you?...Would YOU like to uncover these parts of you? What are your Archetypes* and how can you harness your gifts to move forward with JOY and success?

Portugal Collage 2

The Essential Archetype ® programme was developed by Helen Barton of Insight Teachings in Australia and is exceptional. I trained with Helen and became one of her accredited mentors. To learn more, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a complimentary fact finding consultation with you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and may the fun begin!

Talk soon!


* “Essential Archetypes ® “ by Helen Barton

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