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Some years ago I came to Hong Kong and a holiday with my dad, from a quiet, orderly, predictable life in Switzerland.  I fell in love with the hustle and bustle of this exotic and multicultural city and on the spot, spontaneously decided to make it my home.  I had no job, no place to stay and only 2000 Swiss Francs (about 2000 US $) in my pocket.  It did not matter, my sense of adventure lead me on this journey which turned out to be adventurous and exciting indeed.  The time was 1978.


It was exciting, Hong Kong was "in it's infancy", the boom and explosion of wealth coming.  I had ups and downs, I looked at them as adventures.  One day I was faced with losing everything I had worked for, this was a serious wake up call...I had to make a choice: I could become a victim and go down a negative spiral, or I could chose to look at life differently and turn it into a beautiful and fun adventure.  This was the turning point of my life.

You may have already experienced that turning point, or it may be coming your way.  It's all about what you do when life hits you with that punch in the gut.  When you are at your lowest.

36 years later, I understood what motivated, pushed me throughout my life to make "Nothing adventured, Nothing gained" my motto...I was now on another adventure, this one, one of profound self discovery.  This inside journey lead me to become and accredited Essential Archetype® mentor.  It fascinates me how, when we discover our "blueprint", we can so easily understand our life, the why of what we do, how liberating it is to judge less and BE more; it is so empowering.   


When I think back to that time in 1978, part of me admires that young woman.  So thirsty for something less predictable, so fearless...And part of me knows that if that young Jacqueline could be mentored by present day Jacqueline, she could have found out about herself many years sooner. 

It's never too late to find out who you really are.  Would you like to explore how you are put together?  Email me for your free consult and we can see where it takes us!

Have a happy Spring! 


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