These lazy, hazy, crazy Days of Summer…

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Are you getting ready for Summer?  Those of us in the Northern Hemispher are!  In Hong Kong we are certainly feeling summer approching: the weather has turned hot and rainy and plants (and hair!) are growing faster than ever.  People are talking about their "escape" to other climes and preparing to take the kids on holidays, where they will spend time together as a family.  It's a great time for parents to nurture their kids too (and maybe go a little crazy with them being rambuncious and around full doubt). 

This is rather a reflection of the season...summer, a season where things grow...

Have you noticed that there are people like that? People who love to see things/situations/businesses…grow, not necessarily start them, “just” nurture them, establish them, make them secure. People who like to be seen as doing a good job, who take their responsibilities seriously at all times and apply themselves. Yes, these are people whose makeup includes a certain type of “Archetype” or quintessence. When we understand how we are “made up”, we can more easily accept who we are and why we act/react/respond the way we do…without judgment. You see; when we live without judgment, we can have more fun, more growth and more success, in other words, more joy in life.




I have been fascinated by the Archetype mentoring training I have enjoyed with Helen Barton of Insight Teachings Australia ( over the last 18 months and am now happy to share this work with you.

To learn more about how you can understand what you’re made of…click here.

I’m a summer person…are you?

Have a great one!


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