Are you addicted??

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Have you ever taken drugs or do you smoke?  I used to smoke many moons ago and it gave me a “feeling” of being calm in a stormy sea…until my health suffered and I quit cold turkey.  That is when I realised that the “calm” was just an illusion…and it was the illusion I was addicted to, not the cigarettes.

How often in life do we buy into an illusion?  And get irrevocably (or nearly) addicted to it?  Sometimes it can be fatal.  So what can we do?

Some will go into rehab…there are many sorts of “rehab”…

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When I broke up with the man who was my addiction, I sought help from a friend, started doing a lot of personal and spiritual work, exploring the depth of my Being… and wow, the world became a much brighter place, a much more “alive” place, colourful and fun! And anything became possible…

What is your addiction?  What excuses do you give yourself to continue to play small?

Would you like to escape this and experience and enjoy yourself fully?  It is an interesting journey…and I would be delighted to help you get on the way…

Have a brilliant February!


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