Are you "Normal People"?

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Have you stepped into this New Year feeling positive, discombobulated, worried or feeling excited about what is possible?  Or wishing to make some changes in order to propel yourself forward?

The other day I was meeting someone who asked me: Who are your clients?  And he was surprised that they are people like you...and you...and himself..."so they are just normal people"?  He said.

The idea that working on yourself is reserved for people with "problems" is widespread.  What are "problems" though?  For some they are challenges that, when met, bring them to a new level, allow them to step up in their lives and/or careers, and for others they are "downers".  Whichever option you chose, working on yourself does not require a negative...You can chose to advance in your career, for example, with my leadership coaching sessions or fast track, or fill a void you feel inside of you, even though you are over all perfectly happy.

In the above-mentioned conversation, it turned out that this perfectly normal and very successful person felt a spiritual emptiness and was wondering if there was a way to change that...the invitation was twofold:

  1. Learn to meditate and,
  2. Through the Essential Archetype Mentoring ®, discover who you are and what your purpose is...

I invite all "normal people" out there to contact me for a complimentary personal assessment on how to make this year YOUR year of success and which you can face anything thrown your way with ease and enjoy YOUR life and career to the full.

Happy 2017


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