I travelled and this is what I saw. Thank you Nepal!

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Do you also feel that when you travel, you (re)connect with parts of you, you had forgotten about?

I went to Nepal to celebrate a friend’s birthday and visit certain philanthropic projects my Rotary Club (and I) have had over the past few years…I knew Nepal had suffered a severe earthquake about a year ago and was expecting to see some vestiges of that…at first, nothing was obvious. The hotel we stayed at overnight was in good condition and very beautiful, the people lovely…however, there were very few guests…Tourism has slacked to a bare drizzle, which makes it very tough on the Nepali people who count on that income.




However, one might suspect that the situation would weigh down the people and create chaos, yet, whenever I talked with someone, from any walk of life, their eyes would light up : “we are at the end of a horrible year, we know it is getting better…” the trust and conviction and determination was a beautiful reminder not to focus on the negative, on what does not work (and in Nepal many things don’t), to focus on the positive and what to do to make things work, in other words, to be empowered not a victim!


The biggest shock came when I was about to check into my hotel in Kathmandu. Next to it there is a camp for about 2000 people whose homes have been destroyed or made inhabitable…a camp made of flimsy tarpaulin structures which had been blown away in a strong wind a few days before…no electricity, no sanitation, no water…and the monsoon coming soon…and I was staying at a hotel with all of it, and complaining about the power cuts !!! Yes, I was strongly reminded about thankfulness…Because we take so much for granted every day, we forget how much we have… Thank you Nepal for this wake up call!

And thank you Nepal for showing us that whatever the external circumstance, one’s inner world can be in order!

The smiles on your faces reconnected me with the awareness of Thankfulness and JOY…thank you Nepal!

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Take care!


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