She excels when speaking to business audiences as a keynote speaker, at large-scale conferences or at small senior management events. Jacqueline relates to the ever-growing challenges of the 21st century workplace to her at own trials and tribulations, which offer a unique mixture of humor and value.


The Power of Choice

Many people don’t realize that they have the power to choose. It is her personal mission to help people tap into the power that comes from knowing that having choice…is freedom. During her presentation, she will teach the audience methods in which they can take matters into their own hands and learn to make choices that will bring them success. Another point of emphasis is intuition. She offers invaluable methods that can be adapted to anyone’s business and personal life.


Balancing Corporate and Personal Life

Finding balance is an issue that many executives, and individuals from all types of professions face. There is more to life than working 24/7. Jacqueline will teach the audience techniques in how individuals can change their paradigm by allowing more space for one’s personal life.

You have to experience her talk in person to shift your way of thinking. You will learn how to remain present, how to manage your time and invaluable breathing techniques. She is an expert in gauging her audience and will personalize her speaking, on the spot, in order to provide the most valuable help possible.

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While the term meditation has mixed reactions, Jacqueline uses mindfulness in a way that can appeal to any individual. Forget the yoga mat or cross-legged sitting approach to meditation. Jacqueline offers a unique approach that CEOs and executives can use to handle stressful situations. She imparts valuable techniques that high level executive can use to clear their mind and enhance focus during the workday that will help improve productivity, reduce stress and increase success.

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